Thursday, 2 August 2007

Perfect Birthday Gift

Perfect birthday gifts are hard to come by. You wnt to get something special and unique - something that'll touch on the special things that the two of you have shared. The problem is of course that the shops are full of birthday gifts that're NOT unique.

The Solution to you perfect birthday gift dilemma of course is to have something specially made. You want something thats fun as well? If you've got a little imagination then you can get a one-off bespoke game made for your special birthaday gift.

A personalized game of monopoly might not sound like the perfect birthday gift at first. However you're not considering the fantastic levels of customisation. Imagine the place names "Mary's Smile", "Jack's Bar", "Our first kiss", etc. The sky's the limit.

What's more the title deed cards, the pictures, EVERYTHING is customizable.

With a minimum of effort you'll knock their socks off! Special moments shared by the two of you will be imortilised.

You want a perfect birthday gift? You want a Personalized Monopoly board.