Friday, 16 February 2007

Valentines Day - Post Mortem

Another Valentine's day over . For many of you it will have been a day of triumph - with a monumental 'Big-Up' of suspense, followed by a sweaty-palmed palipiation inducing giving of a Love Token, followed (hopefully) by an OUTPOURING of romantic gushiness.

That's the traditional model anyway.

Over the past few years however we've noticed a new trend that NO-ONE has so far commented on. What has been happening under our very noses is a transformation of Valentines Day from a day of mutual love and attraction (with exchange of tokens), into a day where Girlfiends EXPECT ever increasing gifts to be provided for them.

In effect Valentines Day is becomiing GIRLFRIENDs Day. With more and more emphasis being placed on providing spiffy 'Oh-My-God' inducing presents.

Now that the day is officially in 'the past', and the hormones have settled down to a rythmic hummm, lie back and reflect - was it about love? Or was it a Commercial Success??

Maybe we should embrace this new shift - and push for balance. A Boyfriends' Day! I can think of a few excellent gifgts right now!

Love + Hugs xoxoxox

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Photos for on-line Dating

We've already covered how essential it is to upload photos of yourself when submiting yourself to the critical gaze of the online world

Very Important
Don't just send in the last snap your drunken buddy took last Saturday night [which all too many people seem to do - probably thinking this shows they are 'fun'. It doesn't it makes you look UNWELL.

Too many people seem to relish showing off their WORST features.
I've personally transformed peope's response rates by getting a Great photo - specifically taken for them.

What you want:

A Head Shot
Turned part-way away from the camera
[Too many idiots don't even smile, and so deserve to get Crap Replies]

Get the background OUT OF FOCUS - this makes you look waaaaay better

Don't stare at the camera - you'll look like a police mug-shot. This is not for your passport!

If you've got a great body then submit three-quater lengh photos as well [no need to see your feet].

Women : If you want responses from Good Guys [not pervs] then leave something to the imagination.

- Happy Dating

On-line Dating - Simple Rules for Success

When posting your first submission to (or wherever)
You MUST follow at least these simple rules :

1. Always post a photo of yourself (no matter how gross you think you are!)
This gives you CREDIBILITY - which is like gold-dust on the net
If possible post several photos - especially some showing that you've got a sense of humour (or at least can smile)

2. Your posts/decription should STAND OUT
Whatever you write should be different from the other 1.3billion posts

3. Put in something FUNNY
This is essential. Think : If I was talking to someone, I would want them to find me witty, right?
Exactly the same applies to your post

Remember Despite what you're being asked to do (Enter a Description), what you're really doing is posting an ADVERT of yourself!

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid :

1. Don't talk about sex
At least not until you've got to know someone quite a bit better
Otherwise the WierdoCreep alarms will be going off in people's heads

2. Don't put down ANYTHING negative about yourself (or anything else for that matter)
You'll look like a miserable git once it's in print
If there is something that you feel you must mention (e.g. physical limitations, ginger hair, scary maniacal laugh) then put a Positive (&funny) spin on it!

Confidence (in Men & Women) is attractive.
Down 2 bottles of wine, and just write as if you're MR BIG / SUPERGIRL
Press Send

- Happy Dating

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Body Language (eyes) for Her

Ok Girls - You've got a head start. Women are FAR more tuned into non-verbal communication than those dolts (men). So what are you doing wrong?!

Men are attracted to the 'femaleness' of women. Sounds obvious doesn't it? Well there are lots of simiolarities between men and women. The secret is to accentuate the DIFFERENCES.

Body-Language tips for women:

The Whites of women's eyes are proportionally larger than mens. Mascara helps to draw attention to the eyes, but no more. You have to USE YOUR EYES (not just for seeing !)

Use wide-eyed and quick eye movements to flash as much white area as often as possible. Then gaze for longer than usual at him once he's noticed you. Hold his gaze for about 2seconds. Then look away and SMILE Slightly.
The aim is not to pin him to the wall in a death-stare, nor to look like a grinning fool.
Practice makes perfect - just try it.

Advanced Flirting tip :

When chatting to a guy, look to your upper right side.
This makes your eyes look larger and shows a lot of white of the eye (proved to increase male attraction). It also is a movement done when PICTURING the future. This speaks to the male subconcious - he feels that you're picturing you both together (exciting)

Combine this with a SLOW head tilt - and he'll be gagging for you!

Body language for dating

FROM ZEE (The 'Natural')
Listen up guys - a few things you gotta realize:

Body Language Is A Form Of Communication

Before you open your trap you've probably already told her enough to realize that she don't want you. You've told her this yourself with body language (which accounts for 95% of communication re: getting lucky) [somebody check this]

Before you even THINK of what you might say (which'll probably be something dumb) you've GOT to get your bod sorted.

You're aiming to look like a total HUNK right. WRONG Dumbo!
You're aiming to look:

1. Welcoming
2. Accepting
3. Friendly
4. Approachable
5. Trustworthy

This is all achieved by open postures.

In simple terms :
Don't cross your arms
Make eye contact
Don't cross your legs (sitting or standing!)

For the more advanced : Try to show the palms of your hands when talking.

Note: This takes practice - especially if you've had years of standing like a wrapped up lemon (effectively telling chicks to 'take a long hike off a short pier'.
Try not to look like you're juggling when you're talking to her


Trouble getting a date?

Do you have trouble getting a date?
Do you see a Fox and think WOW! If only I could go out with THEM I'd be happy?

Well look no further! I've set up this blog to help YOU. I used to be extremely introverted, shy and unsure of myself around the oppposite sex. I was like that until I was 23! All that changed when I met (my now best friend) Zee. He's the guy who's been getting laid while you've been left making (bad) small-talk with 'the ugly friend'.

Zee taught me one or two things about men & women. In fact he taught me more that I've learnt throughout high school and college put together. My dating life has turned around (too say the least!). Since then I've helpped tons of friends to turn their love lives around too - some were so happy that they gave me hard cash for helpping them (which I loved doing). This led me a a LIFE CHANGING event. I gave up my crappy day-job (accounting secretary - don't EVER do this job unless you want to go home crying every other day with boredom and a sense of AAAAARrrrrrggH with your life) - and became a Dating Coach. Now my life is pure bliss. I love doing what I do and GET PAID for it.

I love the feedback I get from my clients - and want MORE of it. To that end I've set up this Blog.

I've always been a Geekette, so computers come naturally to me. Zee however has only ever used a computer to copy/paste the homework of the swotty girl in class (who was only too happy to help him).
Zee has however PROMISED to help with giving info out TO THE WORLD.... I'm holding you to this ZEE (and now it's in print there's no backing out!!)

Stay tuned.
Love and Love-Success

Sydney x