Saturday, 10 February 2007

Body Language (eyes) for Her

Ok Girls - You've got a head start. Women are FAR more tuned into non-verbal communication than those dolts (men). So what are you doing wrong?!

Men are attracted to the 'femaleness' of women. Sounds obvious doesn't it? Well there are lots of simiolarities between men and women. The secret is to accentuate the DIFFERENCES.

Body-Language tips for women:

The Whites of women's eyes are proportionally larger than mens. Mascara helps to draw attention to the eyes, but no more. You have to USE YOUR EYES (not just for seeing !)

Use wide-eyed and quick eye movements to flash as much white area as often as possible. Then gaze for longer than usual at him once he's noticed you. Hold his gaze for about 2seconds. Then look away and SMILE Slightly.
The aim is not to pin him to the wall in a death-stare, nor to look like a grinning fool.
Practice makes perfect - just try it.

Advanced Flirting tip :

When chatting to a guy, look to your upper right side.
This makes your eyes look larger and shows a lot of white of the eye (proved to increase male attraction). It also is a movement done when PICTURING the future. This speaks to the male subconcious - he feels that you're picturing you both together (exciting)

Combine this with a SLOW head tilt - and he'll be gagging for you!

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