Saturday, 10 February 2007

Trouble getting a date?

Do you have trouble getting a date?
Do you see a Fox and think WOW! If only I could go out with THEM I'd be happy?

Well look no further! I've set up this blog to help YOU. I used to be extremely introverted, shy and unsure of myself around the oppposite sex. I was like that until I was 23! All that changed when I met (my now best friend) Zee. He's the guy who's been getting laid while you've been left making (bad) small-talk with 'the ugly friend'.

Zee taught me one or two things about men & women. In fact he taught me more that I've learnt throughout high school and college put together. My dating life has turned around (too say the least!). Since then I've helpped tons of friends to turn their love lives around too - some were so happy that they gave me hard cash for helpping them (which I loved doing). This led me a a LIFE CHANGING event. I gave up my crappy day-job (accounting secretary - don't EVER do this job unless you want to go home crying every other day with boredom and a sense of AAAAARrrrrrggH with your life) - and became a Dating Coach. Now my life is pure bliss. I love doing what I do and GET PAID for it.

I love the feedback I get from my clients - and want MORE of it. To that end I've set up this Blog.

I've always been a Geekette, so computers come naturally to me. Zee however has only ever used a computer to copy/paste the homework of the swotty girl in class (who was only too happy to help him).
Zee has however PROMISED to help with giving info out TO THE WORLD.... I'm holding you to this ZEE (and now it's in print there's no backing out!!)

Stay tuned.
Love and Love-Success

Sydney x


Sarah T said...

Hi Sydney - just stopping by to see how your blog is coming on. Looks promising!

Love to Zee!

Anonymous said...

Ok I hit off nicely with a beauty, kissin, talking bout the dirty etc. And then nada, no texts no calls. And no looks my way(we have to meet in the same place daily). Do I say wtf or just go abouts?

Anonymous said...

.....and I had all areas in check! If I do decide to approach her, that's where I'm kinda stumped.

Anonymous said...

Time is of the essence, specialy w the after effects of first kiss/date/holding hands/partial intimacy thing. Sorry my head hasn't stopped spinning.