Friday, 16 February 2007

Valentines Day - Post Mortem

Another Valentine's day over . For many of you it will have been a day of triumph - with a monumental 'Big-Up' of suspense, followed by a sweaty-palmed palipiation inducing giving of a Love Token, followed (hopefully) by an OUTPOURING of romantic gushiness.

That's the traditional model anyway.

Over the past few years however we've noticed a new trend that NO-ONE has so far commented on. What has been happening under our very noses is a transformation of Valentines Day from a day of mutual love and attraction (with exchange of tokens), into a day where Girlfiends EXPECT ever increasing gifts to be provided for them.

In effect Valentines Day is becomiing GIRLFRIENDs Day. With more and more emphasis being placed on providing spiffy 'Oh-My-God' inducing presents.

Now that the day is officially in 'the past', and the hormones have settled down to a rythmic hummm, lie back and reflect - was it about love? Or was it a Commercial Success??

Maybe we should embrace this new shift - and push for balance. A Boyfriends' Day! I can think of a few excellent gifgts right now!

Love + Hugs xoxoxox

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