Sunday, 11 February 2007

On-line Dating - Simple Rules for Success

When posting your first submission to (or wherever)
You MUST follow at least these simple rules :

1. Always post a photo of yourself (no matter how gross you think you are!)
This gives you CREDIBILITY - which is like gold-dust on the net
If possible post several photos - especially some showing that you've got a sense of humour (or at least can smile)

2. Your posts/decription should STAND OUT
Whatever you write should be different from the other 1.3billion posts

3. Put in something FUNNY
This is essential. Think : If I was talking to someone, I would want them to find me witty, right?
Exactly the same applies to your post

Remember Despite what you're being asked to do (Enter a Description), what you're really doing is posting an ADVERT of yourself!

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid :

1. Don't talk about sex
At least not until you've got to know someone quite a bit better
Otherwise the WierdoCreep alarms will be going off in people's heads

2. Don't put down ANYTHING negative about yourself (or anything else for that matter)
You'll look like a miserable git once it's in print
If there is something that you feel you must mention (e.g. physical limitations, ginger hair, scary maniacal laugh) then put a Positive (&funny) spin on it!

Confidence (in Men & Women) is attractive.
Down 2 bottles of wine, and just write as if you're MR BIG / SUPERGIRL
Press Send

- Happy Dating

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