Sunday, 11 February 2007

Photos for on-line Dating

We've already covered how essential it is to upload photos of yourself when submiting yourself to the critical gaze of the online world

Very Important
Don't just send in the last snap your drunken buddy took last Saturday night [which all too many people seem to do - probably thinking this shows they are 'fun'. It doesn't it makes you look UNWELL.

Too many people seem to relish showing off their WORST features.
I've personally transformed peope's response rates by getting a Great photo - specifically taken for them.

What you want:

A Head Shot
Turned part-way away from the camera
[Too many idiots don't even smile, and so deserve to get Crap Replies]

Get the background OUT OF FOCUS - this makes you look waaaaay better

Don't stare at the camera - you'll look like a police mug-shot. This is not for your passport!

If you've got a great body then submit three-quater lengh photos as well [no need to see your feet].

Women : If you want responses from Good Guys [not pervs] then leave something to the imagination.

- Happy Dating


DaveJason said...

Hha haa. Great Photos

Are you for real?

The Dating Coach said...

Yes they ARE great photos

and yes I am real for goodness sake - those are just the sort of 'innane' questions NOT to use when doing on-line dating. Think before you post if you fancy the recipient