Saturday, 10 February 2007

Body language for dating

FROM ZEE (The 'Natural')
Listen up guys - a few things you gotta realize:

Body Language Is A Form Of Communication

Before you open your trap you've probably already told her enough to realize that she don't want you. You've told her this yourself with body language (which accounts for 95% of communication re: getting lucky) [somebody check this]

Before you even THINK of what you might say (which'll probably be something dumb) you've GOT to get your bod sorted.

You're aiming to look like a total HUNK right. WRONG Dumbo!
You're aiming to look:

1. Welcoming
2. Accepting
3. Friendly
4. Approachable
5. Trustworthy

This is all achieved by open postures.

In simple terms :
Don't cross your arms
Make eye contact
Don't cross your legs (sitting or standing!)

For the more advanced : Try to show the palms of your hands when talking.

Note: This takes practice - especially if you've had years of standing like a wrapped up lemon (effectively telling chicks to 'take a long hike off a short pier'.
Try not to look like you're juggling when you're talking to her


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