Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Casual Dates

Casual Dates - Do's and Don'ts

We all know that going out on a casual date is likely to be much more successful in the long run. Because it's clear to both of you that it's "Just Casual" there's a lot less pressure. Less pressure of course means that we're relaxed and don't get tongue tied.

casual date
If you ask your friend for casual date suggestions they'll come up with the usual boring old ideas : 'how about lunch instead of dinner'; 'What about going to a football game/ tennis match/ tiddly wink championships' etc etc

All well and good- they ARE casual... But are they really going to be swooped off their feet?

Mini Adventures

This is the latest (and probably best) idea that's taking the country by storm. Preached by Michael Webb in his now famous book, the idea is that you get a casual date (ie no pressure) but that it's also a Terrific Date, that'll have her/him thinking that you're amazing and just DYING to go out with you more! This is done by structuring the date so that it's a mini adventure with all the excitment inherent in an adventure.

This is one unorthodox idea that actually works.

For a full review of the system check out Casual Dates.

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yes, Micheal Webb is the man to give out this. Good book.

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Joe said...

Casual dates are the best! No pressure, no ties, no answering to anyone. I love just hooking up and living my life.

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